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What is sub-metering?

Commercial, industrial and institutional facilities are turning to new methods to help control costs, reduce waste, minimize downtime, improve comfort and optimize processes.  Conventional methods involved the collection of large amounts of data, analysis of that data using spreadsheets and calculations, and reports to organize and summarize the results.  This involved a lot of labour, and more than likely, a substantial time delay before hypotheses could be proven out.

Sub-metering, in conjunction with integrated software and analysis tools, is a new method that is changing the approach and improving outcomes…faster than ever before.    

What we offer

Energy & Water Auditing


From understanding comes effective management.   An ENERSTAND energy or water audit will: 


  • analyze utility and building data
  • include an inventory of installed equipment
  • gather operating condition information
  • analyze building behaviour considering weather, occupancy, operating schedules and your business’s output
  • develop a selection of energy and water conservation measures
  • calculate the energy savings, cost savings and environmental impact
  • estimate available incentives, project cost and payback period

Monitoring & Verification



M&V is a process for objectively quantifying energy savings achieved through the implementation of energy conservation measures. The process involves measuring and verifying pre - and post-implementation energy use, and adjusting for any significant changes in conditions.   

A M&V plan provides your company with valuable benefits including:


  • quantified energy savings of energy conservation measures
  • validation of past projects
  • transparency and credible reports on efficiency investments
  • adaptability - M&V allows you to easily adjust to changing facility-operating conditions in order to set proper budgets and account for budget variances 

Project Management


Most businesses will tell you they should be implementing energy efficiency upgrades -- but don't have the experience or the time to confidently make the upgrades a reality.  You know your business -- you can run your operations and allow us to confidently manage the changes.  This is a partnership that will allow you to achieve your goals and provide for your continuous operation. We will:

  • develop a scope of work
  • create a budget and track expenditures
  • develop timelines that work around your business
  • work with building officials and regulatory agencies to ensure compliance with codes and standards
  • secure, communicate and monitor the progress of mechanical, electrical and controls trades as required
  • fully verify and commission all changes


Tell me more...


Enerstand is involved from beginning to end to ensure your project is a success.  Following the proven PDCA methodology (Plan – Do – Check – Act) we will benchmark your energy/water consumption against others to let you know how your business currently ranks against your competitors and how much opportunity may exist.  Next, using an array of techniques and devices to determine energy and water saving opportunities from the low-tech to the high-tech (hot-wire anemometers, data loggers and wireless cloud-based electrical sub-metering) we’ll itemize and prioritize all the savings opportunities and the available incentives to make your project a success.   


Don’t have time or not sure where to start? That’s where Enerstand comes in…with a proven track record of project selection and implementation, your path to increased competitiveness becomes clear.  Lets meet over a friendly coffee to discuss your possible first steps.  

"I knew I should be doing something to improve my energy efficiency but I wasn't really sure where to start.  ENERSTAND completed a review of my operation and showed me how I could be reducing my energy consumption and how much that could affect my bottom line.   Besides reducing my operating costs, these measures will improve my customer's experience and made for a happier and healthier workplace for my staff."   

David Leung - Owner of Tien Lee Restaurant


Large Building Energy and Water Reporting/Benchmarking

Under the Reporting of Energy Consumption and Water Use regulation, you'll need to report your property's water and energy use once per year, if you own a building thats at least 50,000 square feet.  Reporting deadlines are being staged gradually over three years.   Why not let ENERSTAND help you with your reporting -- we are fully qualified to verify your submission.  For more information click on the download button below to see a brief powerpoint presentation on this.

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