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Benefits of Sub-Metering 

Commercial, industrial and institutional facilities are turning to new methods to help control costs, reduce waste, minimize downtime, improve comfort and optimize processes.  Conventional methods involved the collection of large amounts of data, analysis of that data using spreadsheets and calculations, and reports to organize and summarize the results.  This involved a lot of labour, and more than likely, a substantial time delay before hypotheses could be proven out.

Sub-metering, in conjunction with integrated software and analysis tools, is a new method that is changing the approach and improving outcomes…faster than ever before.  

Sub-metering is the use of a meter, typically for electricity, natural gas, propane, water or compressed air that monitors the usage on a portion of a distribution network, downstream of the utility, past the main meter.  Sub-metering can be used in a variety of settings including residential, commercial, institutional and industrial.  

Sub-metering is no longer cost prohibitive – in fact, it’s become very cost effective due to the advent of less expensive, more compact electronics, wireless technologies and integrated software.  As a result, many end users are employing sub-metering with integrated software to collect and analyze very granular information about their processes, building or operation.  Today, energy managers are using sub-metering to collect data at the asset level.  Combine the data from a number of assets together and very quickly opportunities for improvement become evident. 

For all the energy sources that go into your manufacturing facility, office space, commercial plaza or institutional facility…think of the opportunities that will arise from knowing your electricity, natural gas, propane or compressed air consumption in real time.  The best business decisions come from analyzing the best information available.  Sub-metering has become a very inexpensive and indispensible tool in understanding energy consumption. 

Need help with a sub-metering system? Enerstand provides an integrated solution that tracks and manages your building’s energy/water. 

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